Simulation-Based Design

Avishtech’s leading edge software and hardware solutions are laying the groundwork to tomorrow’s technologies. With our industry leading Gauss suite of printed circuit simulation, design and development software, and our exciting projects in the pipeline, Avishtech is your guide, your trusted partner in building the future.

Avishtech’s leading edge Gauss 2D Electromagnetic Field Solver allows you to conduct highly accurate and fast simulations of electromagnetic behavior of PCB transmission lines. Our solution provides you with full RLGC outputs, frequency-dependent properties, effective dielectric properties, surface plots of electric potential and fields, and more, in an exceptionally easy to use interface. Gauss 2D is the obvious choice for a 2D Field Solver!

Avishtech’s Gauss Stack PCB Stackup Designer allows you to build and design robust PCB stackups rapidly, with easy report generation for prototyping and manufacture! While traditional stackup design tools stop there, our offering provides built-in 2D Field Solver simulation capabilities (using the Gauss 2D engine), in addition to automated design for reliability checks, and industry-first dimensional stability and warpage simulation capability!

Gauss Stack’s leading-edge capabilities are so ground-breaking, we used a second box! All joking aside, Gauss Stack’s automated reliability checks help prevent critical design problems, like glass stop. Beyond this, Gauss Stack is the only tool for dimensional stability and warpage simulation of your stackup, which enables design improvements to minimize these issues through iterative virtual testing, or by compensating in layout and manufacture!