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Now you can iterate to design the optimal solution without ever needing to build a PCB test vehicle. Avishtech’s leading-edge Gauss suite of PCB Design and Simulation software provides a unified integrated computational testbed for PCB Stackup and Transmission Line design for Reliability, Manufacturability, and Signal Integrity.

The Gauss Suite of PCB Design and Simulation Software

Gauss 2D

Gauss 2D replaces Signal Integrity test vehicles through accurate loss modeling that bridges the gap between measurement and simulation, allowing you to conduct highly accurate simulations of the electromagnetic behavior of PCB transmission lines for Signal Integrity analysis.

Gauss 2D provides:

  • Full RLGC outputs
  • Frequency-dependent Impedance, S-Parameters, and more
  • Industry-first modeling of ground plane losses
  • First of its kind Broadband Extraction of Dk/DF and roughness
  • Multivariate Monte Carlo Uncertainty Analysis of Impedance and Loss

Gauss Stack

Gauss Stack enables the Computational Prototyping of PCB designs, reducing time-to-market and cost, significantly, with highly accurate Thermomechanical Simulations for Manufacturability and Reliability and Electromagnetic Simulations for loss and impedance.

Gauss Stack offers industry-first simulations for:

  • Board level thermomechanical properties and warpage simulations
  • Plated Through-hole reliability for Reflow survival, Test and Service Conditions
  • Solder Joint Reliability for Service Life Predictions
  • Dielectric Stress Analysis
  • Skew Prediction

What the Experts are Saying about the Gauss Suite of PCB Design and Simulation Software

Extensive and meaningful innovation in EDA toolsets is a rarity in this industry. Toolset developers might offer tweaks of their products here and there that are of some value but it’s rare that a new toolset comes on the scene that can be a real game changer. Avishtech’s Gauss Stack is such a tool. It provides insight into those material characteristics and performance metrics that can make or break a design in terms of their predictability and reliability once the product is manufactured.

Lee Ritchey

Speeding Edge

Avishtech’s Gauss PCB Stackup Designer and Simulator is a game-changer in characterizing and predicting glass weave induced skew. When evaluated against Samtec’s real world skew measurements and skew mitigation trace designs, Gauss Stack successfully matched our expectations and data. Designers can leverage this unique tool to test design aspects of various laminates and trace geometries to help achieve desired results. I would recommend that anyone interested in differential pair skew look into this innovation.

Scott McMorrow

CTO Signal Integrity Group, Samtec

What Avishtech has built with Gauss Stack is not just an incremental change, but, rather, a fundamental shift in how I can design PCB stacks. It allows me to catch manufacturability issues like resin starvation and glass lock/glass stop, which can also cause CAF and other related issues, as well as predict the reliability of the solder joints and vias, on top of impedance and loss modeling, all at the design stage, rather than learning of these issues many months into the development process. Gauss Stack empowers me to virtually prototype several different stackups to compare them in terms of manufacturability, reliability, and signal integrity and help identify which stackup fits the right balance of requirements to take products to market faster, without having to build test vehicle after test vehicle.

Marc Licciardi

DfX Engineering

I like working with Gauss 2D and Gauss Stack. Both have very easy-to-use intuitive user interfaces which allow the user to get started at no time.

Gauss 2D delivers quick and accurate results for the transmission line impedance and loss over the desired frequency range and the latest feature to study manufacturing processing tolerances allows to get to the design target quickly.

The large number of PCB materials from many different vendors included in the library of Gauss Stack is great. If a PCB supplier doesn’t have a certain material available or we like to simulate different materials and their performance, we can simply switch and select a new material in the user interface without having to research the material properties ourselves which can take days and weeks to get from a supplier. The design time is greatly reduced and we can easily study cost vs performance for a large number of PCB materials.

Dr. Holger Klein

OE Solutions America, Inc.

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