Simulation-Based Design™

Computational Prototyping of PCBs with Gauss Stack and Gauss 2D

Industry Leading Computational Testbed™ for PCB Design

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Now you can iterate to design the optimal solution without ever needing to build a PCB test vehicle. Avishtech’s leading-edge Gauss suite of PCB Design and Simulation software provides a unified integrated computational testbed for PCB Stackup and Transmission Line design for Reliability, Manufacturability, and Signal Integrity.

The Gauss Suite of PCB Design and Simulation Software

Gauss 2D

Gauss 2D replaces Signal Integrity test vehicles through accurate loss modeling that bridges the gap between measurement and simulation. Conduct highly accurate simulations of the electromagnetic behavior of PCB transmission lines.

Avishtech’s Gauss 2D provides:

  • Full RLGC outputs
  • Frequency-dependent Impedance, S-Parameters, and more
  • Industry-first modeling of ground plane losses
  • First of its kind Broadband Extraction of Dk/DF and roughness
  • Multivariate Monte Carlo Uncertainty Analysis of Impedance and Loss

Gauss Stack

Gauss Stack enables computational prototyping of PCB designs, reducing time-to-market and cost, significantly, with the most accurate Electromagnetic Simulations for impedance and loss available.

Gauss Stack offers industry-first simulations for:

  • Board level thermomechanical properties
  • Plated Through-hole reliability for Reflow survival, Test and Service Conditions
  • Solder Joint Reliability for Service Life Predictions
  • Dielectric Stress Analysis
  • Warpage Simulation for Boards

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