About Us

Avishtech is a portmanteau of the Sanskrit word, “Avishkar,” which means “Invention,” and the English word “Technology.” Headquartered in San Jose, CA, we were founded on the principle of developing the materials-driven technologies that will change the world. From our Gauss line of Printed Circuit design, development, and simulation software to our Autonomous Towing technology and everything in between, we apply an interdisciplinary approach at the intersection of Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Applied Mathematics to strive to solve important engineering problems.

Keshav Amla, Founder & CEO

Keshav Amla is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Avishtech. Keshav has held research positions at HP Inc., Stanford, Caltech, and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, working on diverse topics, ranging from Phonon Transport to Coronal Mass Ejections to Dielectric Properties and has strong expertise in Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering, Computational Science, and Software Development.

Keshav founded the company while still a grad student at Stanford and now works full-time on building Avishtech’s leading-edge software and hardware solutions to the most pressing and valuable engineering problems, driven by the belief that even the most elusive and challenging questions in science and engineering can be answered with enough skill, knowledge, and hard work. Keshav holds a Bachelor of Science with Honor in Mechanical Engineering from Caltech and a Master of Science in Materials Science & Engineering from Stanford University.