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PCB Chat 74: Keshav and Tarun Amla of Avishtech on Electronics Stackup Tools

March 22, 2021 | Mike Beutow | PCD&F/Circuits Assembly

Design engineers are paying close attention to materials. It’s not just about the routing anymore. Keshav Amla and Tarun Amla are founder and CEO and cofounder and CTO, respectively, of Avishtech, a San Jose, CA-based developer of simulation and design software, specifically stack-up and 2D field solvers.  They discuss how their signature software enables better board design and how it came to be endorsed by Lee Ritchey, one of the leading experts in signal integrity and PCB design.

Microwaves & RF - An Inside Look at EDA Startup Avishtech

March 17, 2021 | Dave Maliniak | Microwaves & RF

Keshav Amla, founder and CEO of Avishtech, an EDA startup, discusses how the company’s PCB simulation and stackup tools can close the gap between PCB design and manufacturability.

Microwave Journal - Modeling Transmission Lines and Board Design Using a Unified Simulation Approach

February 10, 2021 | Microwave Journal

With data rates exceeding 56 Gbps/channel and operating frequencies moving into the mmWave regime for 5G applications, accurate modeling of transmission lines is becoming increasingly important. The lack of accurate models and data leads to costly errors that not only cause long delays but also result in signal Integrity and reliability issues. This increased complexity necessitates a design process that integrates Signal Integrity analysis, stack-up design, material selection, and thermal/mechanical performance and reliability. This webinar highlights the many pitfalls associated with the current process of building multiple revisions of Test Vehicles and outlines a holistic approach to the design process, using Gauss 2D and Gauss Stack from Avishtech’s Gauss suite of products, that would not only provide a Robust design but also shrink the time to market for new technologies.

Microwave Journal - PCB Simulation Suite Improves Design Performance, Reduces Development Time and Cost

November 13, 2020 | Microwave Journal

As the industry shifts toward higher speed designs and next-generation wireless communications, insertion loss and the ability to predict it have become constraints to achieving higher speeds. While the industry has been working on increasing data rates through new signaling techniques, loss modeling leaves much to be desired, requiring multiple revisions of signal integrity (SI) test vehicles – a very expensive and time-consuming process that may take many months before completing loss validation.