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  • Broadband Extraction – Dk, DF, and RMS Roughness


    Provide us with a set of measured single ended S-Parameters as a Touchstone file (.s2p) and we will perform Broadband Extraction in Gauss 2D to provide you with estimates for the Dk and DF of the dielectric material the transmission line was built on, as well as the RMS roughness of the conductor.

    The results package will include the following: (1) Excel Spreadsheet containing extracted Dk and DF values over the frequency range, along with a single value for RMS roughness; (2) A PowerPoint Presentation containing the extracted plots (as screen captures from Gauss 2D) of Insertion Loss, Dielectric Loss, Conductor Loss (Zero-Roughness), Roughness Loss, and Time Delay (Propagation Delay).

    Please note that the frequency range of the data contained in your Touchstone file must start at or below 10 MHz and must go to at least as high as 30 GHz, otherwise the accuracy of the results may be degraded. Stripline configurations are preferred, since the resulting Dk and DF will be the actual material properties. If a Microstrip is used, the results will be the effective Dk and DF, which include the fill factor / effect of air.

    The add to cart button will be made visible once you upload a Touchstone file.