Gauss Stack – Electromagnetic Analysis & Synthesis

Full Stack Synthesis

With Gauss Stack, you can perform electromagnetic Synthesis – where the trace widths are iteratively simulated for a target impedance – for every single ended and differential transmission line in your entire stackup with a single click. Within minutes, Gauss Stack will search for and find trace widths that fall within your specified impedance tolerance for your entire stack – simply take a coffee break and let Gauss Stack figure out your stackup’s line widths for you!

Full Stack Analysis

Similarly, Gauss Stack can also perform electromagnetic Analysis for a full stackup with a single click. This analysis can be done as static to simply find static impedance values, or as frequency and roughness-dependent. The static analysis simply provides the static impedance, but the frequency-dependent analysis allows you to look at the frequency-dependent impedance, loss, and full RLGC for all of your transmission lines with a single click.

Frequency and Roughness Dependent Analysis

For the Frequency-Dependent Analysis, you simply select your intended conductor roughness model (you can choose between Hammerstad, Huray, and Causal-Huray) and specify the relevant conductor roughness parameters (RMS roughness for Hammerstad and the Surface Ratio and Sphere Radius for Huray and Causal-Huray), along with the frequency of operation, and Gauss Stack will solve for the frequency-dependent impedance, dielectric, conductor & insertion loss, as well as the RLGC parameters for each single ended and differential transmission line in your stackup.

An ideal workflow would likely involve performing Full Stack Synthesis to find the appropriate trace widths, followed by Frequency-Dependent Analysis to determine other key Signal Integrity parameters for each transmission line in your stackup.

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