Gauss Stack – Rapid Stackup Design

Vendor-Specific Dielectric Materials Library

With an extensive built-in vendor-specific dielectric materials library, Gauss Stack allows you to specify each layer of a PCB stackup within seconds. This library is fully integrated with the thermomechanical reliability and electromagnetic / signal integrity simulations, so there is no additional input required from the user.

Full Stackup Design in Minutes

With a few quick clicks, a user can design an entire stackup of arbitrary size, in minutes or less, by simply specifying the Signal, Plane, and Mixed layers of copper and specifying the dielectric prepreg and core layers, a process made trivially easy with the built-in libraries, as well as the ability to add custom materials to a user-defined custom materials library.

Predefined Copper Library

A user can also take advantage of Gauss Stack’s predefined copper library, which contains thicknesses and Rz roughness values for available copper ranging from 1.5 µm copper for SLP to 6 ounce heavy copper. The Rz values, which are used for the glass stop and resin starvation analysis, are those typically available for a chosen copper weight/thickness.

Ready to Simulate

Once you’ve set up your stackup, you’re ready to go with the full gamut of simulation capabilities available in Gauss Stack, ranging from the Electromagnetic and Signal Integrity simulations for Impedance, Loss, RLGC, and Skewto the thermomechanical simulations for reliability of your Plated Through Holes, Microvias, Solder Joints, and more!

Build Robust, Reliable, and High Performance Stackups with Gauss Stack Today!