Gauss Stack – Solder Joint Reliability

Solder Joint Reliability

A critical failure mode is that of failure of the solder joints connecting components to the PCB. Failure of these can often be observed as liftoff of a component or “tombstoning”, when a component tips over, but, fundamentally, the underlying mechanism is that of fatigue failure. As boards have become more densely populated, especially with increased miniaturization of boards, solder joint reliability is especially critical and the ability to simulate this key failure mode and determine, through Computational Prototyping, if your board’s components will survive your intended service life is essential. 

How Do You Predict Solder Joint Reliability?

Solder Joint Reliability is a function of strain energy and the thermomechanical properties of both the component/package and the PCB, itself. In order to accurately model Solder Joint reliability, you need to know the footprint of the component, the materials that comprise it, the service conditions it will be subjected to, and, most importantly, the thermomechanical properties of your PCB. All of these inputs, except for the PCB properties, are readily available. This is where Gauss Stack becomes essential, because it provides the thermomechanical properties for your specific PCB stackup with the click of a button.

Solder Joint Reliability Simulation in Gauss Stack

Gauss Stack allows you to simply select your Solder Material, your Package Material, your Component Package Type (reflecting the dimensions of the package), your intended Application or Service Conditions, and your Solder Joint Height. While the predefined options are fairly extensive, you also have the ability to manually enter the relevant input parameters, if your component or application are not covered by these options. In seconds, Gauss Stack will provide you with a median life to failure both in terms of cycles to failure and in terms of years of expected operating life, allowing you to not only determine the reliability of your components on your particular board, but to also iterate through different designs or even different component attributes to determine the ideal combination.

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