Gauss SI Pro – Electromagnetic Analysis & Synthesis

Full Stack Synthesis

With Gauss SI Pro, you can perform electromagnetic Synthesis – where the trace widths are iteratively simulated for a target impedance – for every single ended and differential transmission line in your entire stackup with a single click. Within minutes, Gauss SI Pro will search for and find trace widths that fall within your specified impedance tolerance for your entire stack – simply take a coffee break and let Gauss SI figure out your stackup’s line widths for you!

Full Stack Analysis

Similarly, Gauss SI Pro can also perform electromagnetic Analysis for a full stackup with a single click. This analysis can be done as static to simply find static impedance values, or as frequency and roughness-dependent. The static analysis simply provides the static impedance, but the frequency-dependent analysis allows you to look at the frequency-dependent impedance, loss, and full RLGC for all of your transmission lines with a single click.

Frequency and Roughness Dependent Analysis

For the Frequency-Dependent Analysis, you simply select your intended conductor roughness model (you can choose between Hammerstad, Huray, and Causal-Huray) and specify the relevant conductor roughness parameters (RMS roughness for Hammerstad and the Surface Ratio and Sphere Radius for Huray and Causal-Huray), along with the frequency of operation, and Gauss SI will solve for the frequency-dependent impedance, dielectric, conductor & insertion loss, as well as the RLGC parameters for each single ended and differential transmission line in your stackup.

Conduct High Fidelity Electromagnetic Simulations with Gauss SI Pro Today!