Gauss Sustainability

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  • Since around 1750, industrial human activity has resulted in the emissions of greenhouse gases, like Carbon Dioxide, Methane, and Nitrous Oxide.
  • These gases contribute to what is known as the greenhouse effect, which is responsible for increasing global temperature.
  • It has been established that there is an optimal range for greenhouse gases, which helps maintain the temperature necessary for life on Earth
  • Further, the temperature increase that results from an excess of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere carries serious long-term deleterious effects to the environment with regard to sea level rise, melting of glaciers, etc.

Drivers for Sustainability

  • Initiatives like the Climate Pledge, the Paris Agreement, and a strong push from European regulatory bodies, including the European Union, are driving the world toward a lower emissions future.
  • In support of this, increasingly, companies around the world are building or have built sustainability roadmaps that demand significant reductions in CO2 emissions over the comings years
  • In order to effectively reduce one’s carbon footprint, one must be able to assess the current emissions, as well as the impact of individual design choices on potential for reduction

Gauss Sustainability Value Proposition

  • Through use of Gauss Sustainability, a user can assess the impact of individual design choices on carbon footprint, broken down by processes and raw materials and, thus, potentially drive design choices as per their impact on carbon footprint.
  • Additionally, this allows end-users to drive improvements throughout their PCB supply chain, such as by pushing for greener processes or for greater use of renewable energy sources at their suppliers’ facilities
  • This, when coupled with corporate-wide initiatives can drive, when driven by many organizations and larger groups, in tandem, can even result in improvements to grid sources and result in overall reduced carbon emissions

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