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Gauss Synthesis Online Services Store

  • Broadband Extraction – Dk, DF, and RMS Roughness

    Provide us with a set of measured single ended S-Parameters as a Touchstone file (.s2p) and we will perform Broadband Extraction in Gauss 2D to provide you with estimates for the Dk and DF of the dielectric material the transmission line was built on, as well as the RMS roughness of the conductor. The results...
  • Stackup Synthesis – Manufacturability, Reliability, and Signal Integrity

    Gauss Stack will be used to synthesize the ideal stackup for your requirements and constraints. Thermomechanical and Electromagnetic Simulations through Gauss Stack and Gauss 2D will be used to optimize a stackup, in terms of Glass Stop / Resin Starvation, Warpage, Plated Through Hole Reliability, Microvia Reliability, Solder Joint Reliability, and Transmission Line Signal Integrity....
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