Gauss 2D – Broadband Extraction of Dk/DF & RMS Roughness

Broadband Extraction

In an industry-first, Gauss 2D allows you to import a measured Single Ended S-Parameters Touchstone file and, without any additional modeling or simulation required, extract the Effective Dk and DF of the dielectric material over the frequency range of the measurement and the roughness of the conductor in the measured Printed Circuit Board transmission line.

Using Extracted Values for Simulation

As shown in the comparison on the right, for even this noisy S-Parameters measurement, the extracted Dk, DF, and RMS roughness values, when used as inputs for EM Analysis in Gauss 2D (using the known transmission line dimensions), result in very strong agreement with the original measurement, thus bridging any gaps between measurement and simulation of insertion loss. Typically, the problem with other extraction approaches is that the numbers fit a particular loss model for that particular transmission line, so there is no repeatability for those extracted values (i.e. they may not result in accurate simulation of another transmission line on the same material), but, because this extraction is not loss model dependent, these values reflect the actual material properties, so you can reliably use them for further simulation.



Gauss 2D’s Broadband Extraction is agnostic to any particular loss model – its innovative machine-learning enhanced physics-based algorithm enables it to simply model the underlying physics of conductor loss, roughness loss, and dielectric loss, decoupling the insertion loss measurement into those constituents and then further determining the Dk, DF and roughness parameters over the frequency range of the input S-Parameters. There is no need for complex or lengthy extraction approaches, nor is there any expertise required – Gauss handles everything for you.

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