Gauss 2D – Electromagnetic Analysis & Synthesis

Electromagnetic Analysis

Gauss 2D allows you to simulate virtually any PCB transmission line with its high-fidelity computational engine in seconds, providing you with static and frequency dependent impedance, loss, and full RLGC outputs, along with Potential and Electric Fields in X and Y. Because of its extensive selection of predefined geometries, there is zero setup time and virtually no learning curve, so you can get started with Gauss 2D immediately, and get the highest accuracy results with no expertise in either the software or the underlying methodology required.

Electromagnetic Synthesis

You don’t need to resort to trial-and-error for determining the appropriate trace widths required for a target impedance – Gauss 2D will iteratively search for the solution by inverting the problem to provide you with trace widths that correspond to a target impedance, for any of Gauss 2D’s hundreds of predefined geometries, a rare offering for a simulation environment.

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