Gauss Stack & Gauss Stack Pro

Tired of Unpredictable Board Reliability Failures?

Tired of long, drawn-out Test Vehicle programs and prototyping/testing for Microvia, PTH, and Solder Joint Reliability, Warpage, or Delamination failure?

Gauss Stack is the solution!

For the first time, a highly accurate simulation environment is available for simulating all manner of PCB failure modes, from Microvia, Plated Through Hole, and Solder Joint Reliability to Warpage, to Resin Starvation issues, Early CAF Failure, Hi-Pot Failure, Delamination Risks and more. 

No need for expensive and time-consuming build-and-test procedures that still don’t help you fix your design! Iterate through as many designs as it takes extremely rapidly with Gauss Stack.

Gauss Stack has built-in stackup design capabilities with an extensive library of materials (including all thermomechanical properties). You don’t need to spend months to years trying to obtain these properties for simulation. The built-in library contains all properties related to the constitutents, including glass, copper, and every resin system – hundreds of materials and more than 10,000 constructions – and a simulation engine that determines properties layer-by-layer and at the board level. All of this feeds into the second stage simulations that give you the performance and reliability information that you care about.

All simulations take mere minutes to setup and seconds to run. And, best of all, everything has been thoroughly validated on hundreds of cases for very high accuracy.

Below is an introductory video for Gauss Stack:

Conduct High Fidelity Electromagnetic Simulations with Gauss SI Today!

Warpage Simulation

Resin Starvation / Early CAF Failure / Hi-Pot Failure / Voiding

Microvia Reliability

Plated Through Hole Reliability

Solder Joint Reliability

Dielectric Stress / Delamination Risk

New Approach using Gauss Stack

The highly accurate and verified approach as outlined below makes the Computational Prototyping of Printed Circuit Boards a cinch.