Avishtech Announces the Launch of Its Gauss Synthesis Online Simulation and Design Service

Availability of revolutionary toolsets for high frequency, high data rate designs on an as needed, designed to requirement basis better addresses customers’ needs and budgets.

San Jose, Calif., May 03, 2021 — Avishtech (www.avishtech.com), the leading provider of innovative EDA stack-up and 2D field solver solutions, today announced the formal launch of its Gauss Synthesis Online Simulation and Design Service. This service enables those companies that don’t require a full-on subscription to Avishtech’s Gauss Stack and Gauss 2D PCB toolsets to take advantage of the capabilities provided within them and also additional value-added services such as Dimensional Stability simulations and design to requirement services, without having to purchase a complete annual subscription or run the toolsets themselves. Because this service is provided on an as-needed basis, key customers, including board shops and OEMs of all sizes, can quickly and readily avail themselves of the toolsets’ capabilities without having to go through the lengthy purchase and qualification process that most corporations’ internal processes require, while critical design requirements languish and go unmet. In addition, this service enables customers to have their designs completely simulated at a higher level of accuracy and granularity than offered in competitive toolsets and thus enables them to avoid having to build expensive, multiple test boards.

A key option within Gauss Synthesis is its frictionless process which is a new concept within the industry. Keshav Amla, Founder and CEO of Avishtech states, “In addition to offering access to the functionality of our toolsets on an as-needed basis, we are also offering our customers the ability to simply place an order, provide the information necessary to run the simulations and receive the results without their needing to learn how to use a particular software or determine how to interpret the results. While the Gauss suite of tools is exceptionally easy to use, our frictionless process takes this ease-of-use to a completely new level.”

Gauss Synthesis allows customers to shift their existing design and development paradigm, by providing them with on-demand access to key industry-first capabilities. Amla continues, “One such service offered within Gauss Synthesis is Broadband Extraction of Dk, DF, and RMS Roughness. Currently, many OEMs don’t rely on directly measured dielectric properties, instead building insertion loss test vehicles, from which dielectric properties are extracted. These existing methods are costly, unreliable, and tied to specific loss models that may not reflect the actual physics, rendering them not very useful and subject to interpretation. In addition, this whole process can take many months. Smaller OEMs don’t typically even have access to these methods, at all, due to prohibitive cost. With our Broadband Extraction capability, as found in Gauss 2D, this data can be extracted reliably and accurately, because our physics-based, machine-learning enhanced method is not tied to any particular loss model, all at a greatly reduced cost compared to the alternative approaches.”

“Another such service within Gauss Synthesis,” Amla continues, “is the Dimensional Stability simulation. This service is only available through Gauss Synthesis, though it is built on the Gauss Stack framework. Board shops of all sizes lose out on massive sums of money and time trying to solve registration issues. Each new stackup design requires a scout lot to determine compensation factors. With Gauss Synthesis, a board shop can get the compensation factors needed for successful registration without ever having to run a scout lot – again, offered at a very attractive price-point.”

With Gauss Synthesis the focus has been on optimizing the cost of the acquisition process in a variety of ways. Amla explains, “We are focused on providing our customers a variety of ways and purchase options to take advantage of our technology and products. Sometimes, new tool purchases may be line items in an annual budget and if new needs arise, there may not be the funds available to make another major acquisition. In addition, it can also be difficult for product developers to find the time necessary to conduct a trial of the software to make sure it will address their specific design needs as well as be the ‘best bang for the buck’ for their projects and design environment. With Gauss Synthesis, designers can make the business case very clear to their management and purchasing teams by showcasing the value of the analyses offered, without having to conduct a time-consuming software trial. Gauss Synthesis also offers an all-encompassing service, namely the design of stackup on a turn-key basis taking disparate requirements such as loss, reliability and manufacturability and synthesizing them into an optimal design ready for use. In essence the services replace and augment a process that can take months and lighten the load of the engineering teams.”

Even if a company is only designing one or two of these products per year, that may be manufactured in volume, they still need the features and functions available in Gauss Stack and Gauss 2D.

As Amla explains, “We’re offering a win/win solution with Gauss Synthesis. Our customers can have access to the functionality of our toolsets, on an affordable per-design basis, and be assured that the feedback they receive through the simulation process will match the actual performance of the board and ensure manufacturability and reliability of the product the first time and every time thereafter. In addition, they gain a level of confidence in our toolsets and can thereby avoid the time-consuming process of evaluating different toolsets to determine which will best suit their needs.”

Over time, Gauss Synthesis will be further expanded to the level where it will also be offered as a subscription. This would allow companies to regard Gauss Synthesis as a critical aspect of their in-house PCB product development practices.

Service Pricing and Availability

The Gauss Synthesis will be available with a menu of options for each order. Typically, pricing will be automatically determined based on the menu of design and simulation options selected. Some more involved services will require a quote that will be delivered in a very short span of time (< 24 hrs.)

About Avishtech

Avishtech is a San Jose, CA-based high technology company founded in 2015 on the principle of using a multidisciplinary approach to build the materials-driven technologies of the future. Avishtech’s Gauss line of simulation and design software embodies its long-standing commitment to rigorous and thorough research and development, coupled with its core goal of achieving the highest levels of performance and reliability. For more information about Avishtech and its products, please visit www.avishtech.com or telephone +1-408-650-6726.


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