Simulation Platform User Terms and Conditions


Avishtech, LLC (“Avishtech”) offers its customer a platform to conduct simulation, the use of this Platform is subject to the following Terms and Conditions. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using the Platform. If You do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, You should cease using the Platform immediately.


  1. Definitions

“We”, “Us”, “Our” or “Ourselves” means Avishtech, LLC, a California Limited Liability Company, its successors and assigns or any person acting on behalf of it.

“You”, “Your” or “Yourself” means any person/s (end user) being of the legal age of eighteen (18) years.

“Terms and Conditions” means the terms and conditions contained herein, together with any quotation, order, invoice or other document or amendments expressed to be supplemental to this Terms and Conditions.

“Platform” means the platform provided by for You to conduct simulation.

“Confidential Information” means information of a confidential nature whether oral, written or in electronic form including, but not limited to, this Terms and Conditions, a party’s intellectual property, data, operational information, know-how, trade secrets, financial and commercial affairs, contracts, and other merchandising information.

2. Use of Confidential Information

Except as otherwise set forth in this Terms and Conditions, We agree to use Your Confidential Information only for the purpose of (1) determining whether to enter into a business transaction with You, (2) receiving products or services supplied by You, and/or (3) providing products or fulfill services to You. All other usage of Confidential Information will be subject to Your prior written consent.

 3. Responsibilities of Avishtech

Avishtech agrees (1) to hold and maintain the Confidential Information in confidence, (2) not to disclose such information to any third party, and (3) not to use such information for any purpose other than those set forth in Section 2 above.

4. Term and Expiration

Avishtech’s duty to protect the confidentiality of the Confidential Information shall continue until the Confidential Information (1) becomes a matter of public knowledge through no fault of Avishtech, (2) is rightfully received by Avishtech from a third party who is not under a duty of confidentiality, or (3) is independently developed by Avishtech without reference to Your Confidential Information as supported by sufficient written records.

5. No Additional Rights or Obligations

A. You shall retain title and complete ownership of all information disclosed to Avishtech. You are not granting to Avishtech any license or other intellectual property rights other than the right to use Confidential Information for the purposes set forth the Section 2 above.

B. Avishtech does not provide any warranty or guarantee, whatsoever, for the validity of the simulation results.

6. Miscellaneous

A. This Terms and Conditions does not create any partnership, joint venture, or agency between the parties.

B. This Terms and Conditions is the complete and exclusive statement of the understanding between the parties regarding the subject matter hereof, ant it supersedes all prior or contemporaneous communications. It may be amended by us from time to time.

C. This Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted and enforced according to the law of the State of California without regard to its conflict of laws principles.

D. This Terms and Conditions and Avishtech’s obligations thereunder shall be binding on the representatives and successors of Avishtech and You.