Gauss SI Individual License


For the first time, a highly accurate field solver for impedance and loss predictions is available.
No need for highly inaccurate online calculators/equations or very expensive (yet still inaccurate) field solvers!
Gauss SI has built-in stackup design capabilities with an extensive library of materials and automatically accounts for measurement approaches and has special models (including accounting for neat resin between traces) built-in to provide very high accuracy for impedance and loss without the need for fudge factors or tuning.

Get S-Parameters, conduct Uncertainty Analysis (to account for manufacturing variability), and characterize full impedance, loss, and RLGC at the click of a button!

Purchase an individual for Gauss SI, Avishtech's high-fidelity solution that converts stackup design and impedance computations to a simple point and click process accessible at a low cost to all. No need to search for materials and their properties!