Dk/DF Testing – In-Plane (X/Y)


Dielectric property testing is used to determine the Dk and DF of a dielectric material. This test provides these values for the in-plane Dk and DF at 10 GHz. Price includes measurement of a single sample.


Measurement Instrument Used


  • 10 GHz frequency measurement
  • Accuracy of Dk: Δε/ε=±(0.0015 + Δh/h)
  • Accuracy of DF: Δtanδ=±2*10-5 or ±0.03*tanδ whichever is higher

Sample Requirements

Sample must be at least 22 mm (L) x 22 mm (W) and no thicker than 0.95 mm (T).
Avishtech can make such samples from a sheet of solid material that does not exceed 0.95 mm in thickness.