Rheology is a method that observes flow and deformation behavior in torsion of a solid-like or liquid-like material to measure visocelastic properties.
Typical Temperature Range of 90°C to 160°C (or the temperature at which the material gels) – Possible Temperature Range: 35°C to 600°C


Measurement Instrument Used

TA Instruments Discovery HR 10 Rheometer

  • Temperature Range: 35°C to 600°C
  • Force Range: Upto 50 N
  • Torque Range: 5 nN⋅m to 200 mN⋅m
  • Frequency Range: 1E-7 to 100 Hz
  • Angular Velocity Range: 0 to 300 rad/s

Sample Requirements

Sample needs to fit on 25 mm diameter plate. Can be made from:

  • A sheet of prepreg material

For the safety of the instrument, all tests will be terminated at whatever temperature the material gels up to a viscosity of 20000 Pa⋅s